--debug-mode doesn't skip the revision checking


I get error Error: Missing option “–hw-version”. even I use --debug-mode

nrfutil pkg generate --debug-mode --application ruuvi_examples/ruuvi_firmware/ruuvitag_b/s132/armgcc/_build/ruuvi_firmware.hex --key-file keys/ruuvi_open_private.pem firmware.zip
Usage: nrfutil pkg generate [OPTIONS] ZIPFILE

Error: Missing option “–hw-version”.

What I’m doing wrong?

I think Nordic Semi has added the HW version check event to debug packages. Here’s my pkg generation command for SDK12 / Softdevice 3.1.0:
nrfutil pkg generate --debug-mode --application build/ruuvi_firmware.hex --hw-version 3 --sd-req 0x91 --key-file ~/git/ruuvitag_fw/keys/ruuvi_open_private.pem ruuvi_firmware_dfu$VERSION.zip