Data shown on web but not getting them on mobile for some of my tags

Okay, so basically I have had Ruuvi Station mobile app on 2 phones before the one I am using now.

I moved now from an iphone 12 mini to an iphone 13 mini and I can see data for all other tag’s except three of the tags.

I could connect one of the problematic ones to do the firmware upgrade on the 13 mini by pushing the button on the tag for 10 seconds. It ran the update succesfully and after that it still showed that no data is coming from the tag to the phone. However, on the web, everything fine except for the small cutoff from the upgrade time. So, they are connecting fine to my Gateway and sending the data onwards.

Anything I can do to get the data visible again on my phone? I tried reading the documents but I could not find anything describing anything that felt even remotely similar to my issue.

Hello @Zoning ,

Due to the limitations set by Apple you can only pair RuuviTag sensors to one iOS device at a time. I’m guessing that your Ruuvi Station is running in Cloud Mode: disabled (check under App settings) and in this case it will only be visible to one of the devices via Bluetooth.

Since you are Ruuvi Gateway user, you could enable Cloud mode, so all data would be arriving to both apps via cloud (recommended), or alternatively go to those three sensors sensor settings page and disable pairing in order to pair them with single iOS device. Bluetooth pairing allows you to get sensor data when app is minimised in the background and also to receive local Bluetooth alerts.

I hope this makes sense. Write back to our support email address if this doesn’t solve this issue for you (support at ruuvi . com) and we’ll help you out.

Thanks for that. This seemed to actually have a really simple solution. Since I had transferred data from 12 mini to 13 mini, I think the Ruuvi Station app on the new phone had the old phone’s identification in it.

I read your reply while taking the dog out for a morning walk in the nearby forest and tried switching the app to cloud mode, which told me that no data is available for those affected sensors but for the working ones there was.

So, I decided to reinstall the app and then needed authorisization via email code. After this I chose to get the cloud data and all of the sensors started showing their recent data. Also while walking back towards the sensors, they all started showing Bluetooth data once I came into range.

Perhaps a FAQ item, if you switch ios devices and transfer data to new phone, reinstall the app afterwards and don’t assume it to just work? :grinning:

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Great that the issue was solved! I think you spotted an edge case :slight_smile: