Data histories by gateway

I am newbie with ruuvi sensor, I have buy a gateway and RuuviTag Pro.
I am veterinary and I have buy this system for the fridge of my car and the gateway is at the depot.
Why isn’t the data uploaded to the cloud when my vehicle is returned?

In the datasheet it’s written log up to ten days.

RuuviTag (and RuuviTag Pro) Tech Spec 4/2023

And I have the pro plan for the cloud, also the history should be 2 years!

Does anyone have an explanation?

Best regards.

Hello Clement,

Ruuvi Gateway sends sensor data to Ruuvi Cloud when the sensor is within its range. However, when sensor was out of range, you can manually sync internally stored measurements (maximum 10 days) from RuuviTag to the Ruuvi Station app when sensor is within range of your Bluetooth mobile device and then the missing data will be available to you.

I hope that makes sense.

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Hello Marko,

Thanks for the reply,

I synchronized with Bluetooth but in the cloud I only see intermittent data from the gateway.

I need 24-hour monitoring with tags on the move.

You see an issue?

Best regards

Hello Clement,

Thanks for the feedback, I will share this insight with our developers.

Bringing the Gateway onboard your car would be a straightforward solution to this issue. You would need a power source and a reliable access to internet. Gateway can be powered with a standard USB charger or power bank.

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