Data collection easy


I want to use ruuvi to collect accelerometer data from a tower and make a FFT to calculate the frequency.

What is the easiest way to collect that data?

I used ioTool to collect the x,y,z data, but for some reason the sample rate is very bad (1Hz to 16 Hz) and therefore the data useless.

Is it possible to can i change the sample rate about 100Hz?
All i need is a txt or csv-File with the data to process it with matlab.

Thanky so much!


It’s possible:

Not that the linked firmware requires new softdevice and bootloader. It’s possible to flash them over bluetooth, but as it’s not possible to restore the boards without wired connection if something goes wrong we’re not providing DFU packet which could brick the RuuviTags. You can program the FW with Ruuvi DevKit or a Tag-Connect cable and nRF devkit.

Hi! Thank you.

So basically I have to make a custom firmeware. But since i dont need 400Hz i would just need to change the samplerate in application_config.h to max and I will have 200Hz.

// 1, 10, 25, 50, 100, 200 for LIS2DH12

Is there an easy way to do this? For instance: take the ruuvi firmware dfu, somehow extract, change or add this, make a custom dfu and flash it on the ruuvi with nrf connect?

Sorry for this silly question, but i tried to learn this: Ruuvi Firmware blog series - ALL THE POSTS but for now its way over my head and I dont have time to learn this.

Get the ruuvi to sending me the acceleration data on a higher sample rate with iotools, that would help me a lot.

Thanks so much!!

Even easier…How do I flash the HEX Firmware file from the example to the ruuvi? Is that possible with nfrconnect?

If I try flashing the hex file nRF Connect gives the error: “The init packet is required by the target device”…


Easiest way to change the sample rate is to recompile the FW with your desired setting, and easiest way to flash the firmware is with Ruuvi DevKit or nRF52-DK and a Tag-Connect cable.

You can always downsample 400 Hz to 200 Hz if you don’t want to recompile the FW.

As I previously mentioned, Ruuvi won’t share the DFU images of softdevice + bootloader images at this point because there is a chance of bricking tags in case of an error and the downgrade back to original requires wired connection to tag. If you want to create such a packet yourself, this Nordic devzone post should help you to make the packet: .
Ruuvi’s signing key can be found in the folder “keys” of ruuvitag_fw project.

I tried this a bit, but it was not successful. I guess I have to wait until the DFU images are available. But thank you for your support!