Daily and weekly printed reports

Hello, first of all I need to state that I am a complete beginner. We currently have several fridges and freezers in our shop and we need printed temperature reports (daily and weekly) which could be either emailed to a set address or stored to a cloud account (eg dropbox). And also conditional alerts if the temperature is outside a desired threshold. Does anyone know if this is possible? What solution would you recommend?

We are currently using an android tv device as a “gateway”, it is running the ruuvi station app and a remote connection app so that we can connect to it remotely in order to access the ruuvi data. Hence, there is no way to receive alerts and also it is time consuming to get reports.

Thank you for reading.

Hi @Gedet,

Thanks for detailing your use-case. I’m not aware of any solution which would print the report, there are solutions where data gets stored to a cloud backend (e.g. InfluxDB) and can be browsed online.

Here’s one example of such solution, you can browse years of history.

Would something like that fill your need, or do you need the reports automatically generated?

thank you for your reply. I read about grafana on this forum and it indeed sounds really useful, however an automated report, stating temperature of every tag in our shop (hourly readings or even every three or four hours) would be really useful.

I can see how it would be a really good feature to have. Regrettably I’m not aware of any project which would have the automated export. I created issue to feedback.ruuvi.com https://feedback.ruuvi.com/posts/20/ruuvi-station-automated-export-to-dropbox-email but I can’t promise any schedule or even if we’ll start developing it. Please upvote it to show that the feature is needed by community, you can sign in with Google or GitHub account.

Hi @Gedet

I have been building a simple solution that works for this kind of scenarios. It is still work-in-progress phase, but emailing reports should work. Please drop me an email if you want to hear and discuss more (markus@aikoo.fi).

Any information what kind of TV?

I have understood that one school build system so that RuuviStation is sending data to Google cloud service (or Google Drive and spreadsheet) and they built all notifications and reporting there using Google Sites / Cloud. They even made some graphs using that. Unfortunately I don’t have more information available what they built but it was working well. All services were free.