Connecting to RuuviTag from Windows laptop


New to Ruuvitag. I have tried to connect from my Windows 10 laptop to Ruuvitag for making javascript software using Espruino Web IDE but I haven’t got connection to Ruuvitag.

I have installed Asus USB-BT400 Mini Bluetooth Dongle 4.0 LE + EDR USB-adapter that should compatible with Ruuvi but I can’t get any connection to work.

Any ideas where to start?


Windows 7 required driver update, but I think Windows 10 should support Espruino out of the box.
Which Espruino firmware version you have uploaded to RuuviTag?
Do you have other Espruino devices to test if they work?


I updated my Ruuvitag firmaware to latest one ( then I uploaded But after Ruuvitag sensor didn’t response to anything.

So, I uploaded again Ruuvitag firmware.

Is needed and if it is what is the order of update?

I’m using nRF Connect from Android for updates.

Order of updates doesn’t make a difference. I’ve tested only Espruino v1 versions, I’ll check if there’s something in Espruino changelog.

There’s not anything on the change logs which would indicate a great, and 2.00 has been tested on RuuviTags by Espruino according to changelog.

Can you check with smartphone and nRF Connect app if the tag is advertising?
And could you post a screenshot of your Espruino IDE while scanning for RuuviTags?

Okay, now I managed Laptop and Ruuvitag communicate using Esprino IDE.

But still one question. After I have uploaded Esprino Ide Firmware to Ruuvitag I can’t get connection from my Mobile phone(Android) using your sample Phone application.

I know that Ruuvitag has two buttons R and B (R is the lower one) and modes URI and RAW but pressing these two ones I can’t get it working.

So, If upload Esprino IDE firmware Android App is not working and if I upload Ruuvitag firmware I can’t get Esprino IDE working… So what are the phases to get these both working?



Espruino and Ruuvi Firmware are different programs, and RuuviTag can run only one at a time.

Okay, thanks for answer :slight_smile: