Completely erasing flash

Hi everyone
I’m developing espruino application. In my program i used Nordic UART service for something and saved to flash. But espruino uses same GATT service too (I noticed afterwards). It’s broke my ruuvitag right now. I tried to upload espruino firmware and default firmware over the DFU but flash not erased. Is there any way to erase flash completely?

You could try uploading a full package with softdevice + bootloader + application on board, as the extra space requirement might erase user data area. Here’s one full package: Flashing that package is somewhat risky, as accident while updating softdevice / bootloader might brick the tag.

It might be possible to make a program to erase area between softdevice and bootloader too.

If all else fails, a dev shield can be used to reprogram the tag.

Thanks for sharing full package. I’ve succesfully uploaded but flash not erased completely. Problem continues :pensive:

Thank you for letting us know.

The need to erase all user-saved data comes up time to time, for example when Eddystone password is changed, stored to flash and forgotten. Adding store to flash functionality is near the top of my TODO anyway, I could bump it up on priority.

I’m looking at, I’d think that the “erase app” should delete everything starting from the end of it’s own memory and ending at the beginning of bootloader.

I’m horrible at remembering to follow-up on development, if you don’t hear from me by the next week end please ping me and let’s see if we’d have that erase app ready for testing :slight_smile:

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Hi! How’s it going with this “erase all”? I accidentally broke my ruuvi + espruino combo. The “basic software” works but every time I try to install espruino I cannot see the device from bluetooth (espruino IDE).