Company Filter Only allow Ruuvi Tags

Hei. I was testing Ruuvi gateway work with thrid-party sensor. I had the settings as below:
“company_id”: 65194,
“company_use_filtering”: true,
However, no matter what number I put to “company_id”, Ruuvi Gateway would only pick up the BLE advertisements from Ruuvi tags, as long as I set “company_use_filtering” as true. Is that expected behaviour or is it a bug?

This sounds like a bug, company_id filter should accept any company id.

We need to look into which chip has the bug. @TheSomeMan Please check the ESP32 side, I take a look at nRF52

I confirmed the problem. The problem seems to be on the nRF52 side.
I tried to configure nRF52 to filter another id (0x49a instead of 0x0499):

I (3241) ruuvi_gateway: [adv_post_task/1] ### sending settings to NRF: use filter: 1, company id: 0x049a,use scan coded phy: 0,use scan 1mbit/phy: 1,use scan extended payload: 1,use scan channel 37: 1,use scan channel 38: 1,use scan channel 39: 1

And I still get data from tags with id=0x499:

D (14292) ADV_POST_TASK: [rx_parse_task/1] main/adv_post.c:199 {parse_adv_report_from_uart}: #### E3:75:CF:37:4E:23: time=1666237603, RSSI=-46:
D (14296) ADV_POST_TASK: [rx_parse_task/1] 0000: 02 01 06 1B FF 99 04 05 15 BA 4B 58 C6 A9 FD 6C | ..........KX...l
D (14308) ADV_POST_TASK: [rx_parse_task/1] 0010: 02 A0 FE AC A9 F6 F8 63 17 E3 75 CF 37 4E 23    | .......c..u.7N#
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Thanks for clarification! I suppose there is plan to fix the bug?
BTW, what is the proper way to report a bug and follow the process of fixing it?

Thanks, I found the bug here: ruuvi.gateway_nrf.c/app_uart.c at 4cf5f55ceb4b3152d72df0f1cae69a9d531cd8fc · ruuvi/ruuvi.gateway_nrf.c · GitHub

Instead of checking the filter ID against configured value, we check against hardcoded Ruuvi ID.

We had an update for nRF code coming up in the next release anyway, we’ll add this fix in the release. I opened issue about it here: app_uart: Company filter is checked against hardoded Ruuvi value instead of UART-configured value. · Issue #51 · ruuvi/ruuvi.gateway_nrf.c · GitHub

You can open issues at the Gateway main repository at GitHub - ruuvi/ruuvi.gateway_esp.c: Ruuvi Gateway ESP32 code, we’ll assign issues to an upcoming releases. Discussion and progress on fixing the bug can also be found there.

Thanks Otso! You guys rule!