Communicate with Mesh network with Bluetooth mesh to connect with internet cloud

Would it be possible to communicate the mesh module with Bluetooth mesh easily and connect with Azure cloud to send sensor readings to internet ?

I am working with home automation system and I was thinking to connect some of wireless mesh based sensor with raspberry Pi using Bluetooth mesh

If any one worked on something similar then please give your expertise suggestion

I could not find quickly the radio protocol that the mesh module you linked uses, but given the range of the module it’s probably not Bluetooth or any other 2.4GHz protocol. So probably connecting them directly is not feasible.

On large scale deployments Wirepas Mesh might suit your needs.

Can You please suggest any example of wirepass mesh which help me achieve to connect to internet cloud and share the readings of sensor through smartphones as well as desktop using internet

Please take a look at the Wirepas use case examples. It is possible to relay data from Wirepas-networked sensors to e.g. InfluxDB and browse the over the internet with Grafana as in our live demo at

Please contact to discuss further the Wirepas network.