Collecting RuuviTag measurements and displaying them with Grafana

Hi all, I have a setup of 6 Ruuvitag bluetooth beacons, and a Raspberry Pi with RuuviCollector. On the same device, I have Grafana running, and have created a dashboard with some measures and panels:

Now my issue is that the hostnames are MAC-codes, and at the moment I have them hard-coded by using “alias by”, depending on where the Ruuvitags are. What I would like to have is a way to maintain information about where a given Ruuvitag was at a certain time, and thus display only relevant data on the dashboard.

As an example, I have a tag that I initially had in my office room. I then moved it outdoors. I would like to separate these two situations in Grafana according to the metadata maintained manually, so that I get a valid min and max ranges for the office, and outdoors temperature. How could I achieve this?

The tag naming feature of RuuviCollector is intended for this kind of use case; when the collector saves a measurement, it applies the currently configured name (in addition to the MAC address) to the measurement, without affecting past measurements.

This allows you to use the name to track different places or other use cases, while still being able to use the mac to keep track of the physical tags. Of course if you frequently move tags around, it might be a bit cumbersome to keep updating the name config and restarting the collector when you move tags around.

Your use case is actually the reason I implemented a tag naming system on the collector side, as I was unable to find any other convenient ways to conveniently “rename” tags as I moved them around. Of course it has been a few years since then and a lot has changed in Grafana and InfluxDB so if someone knows about other/better ways these days please share.


Holy smokes, that’s perfect! I thought of this, but didn’t want to fiddle with the collector.
It’s pretty rare that I move them around, so that won’t be an issue. Thanks for the feature and the answer!

Can anyone make a tutorial? I have it all configured and setup the way I want/need but I have no clue how to start it…

Ok, I got it to work. How can I make the collector turn on at startup?

Check the systemd section under Finishing Touches.