Clear vs white ventilated housing

I got two housings for Ruuvi in the mail. The white one has a small hole and paper-like film on it in the cover part and the clear plastic housing doesn’t. Both are similar to each other in every other aspect. I assume that the hole is to let air pressure and humidity to change more easily (or at all), but the question is, are both alike water (or weather) proof to be left outside? I like the looks of the clear housing :slight_smile:


The clear housing without the film is not weather-proof, as condensing water can get inside through the open hole.
The white housing is IP67-certified.

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Should there be a breather hole on the clear cover? Mine doesn’t have, so you can’t close it with o-ring because the air can’t get out. Is this normal?


We shipped few first backers one extra clear enclosure with hole. Unfortunately all sensors doesn’t work in enclosure which is completely closed. Now devices have been shipped together with one extra enclosure without hole. It’s possible to close enclosure with o-ring but it’s bit more tricky. You need to “bend” enclosure a bit, so that all air can get out. Other way is close enclosure with a small screwdriver between two parts.

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In additional to detent position locator forcing alignment of top and bottom of the enclosure mentioned earlier,

  1. In an effort to see the LEDs, Could you consider using dye/ coloring additive which is much more translucent. Perhaps creating very thin 1mm areas in the top directly over the LEDs. (mold cane very easily be modified to do this)

  2. Any reason clear enclosure was not IP67-certifiable?

  3. Are any clear enclosure available? I have pealed off the gortex from a white enclosure and glued it onto the bottom of a clear one.

The clear enclosures did not have the vent, so there was no reason to certify them. Color change itself does not need a re-certification.

There are clear boxes which are not 100% ruuvitag-sized available on ebay etc. Producing a batch of clear enclosures would require a separate production run, so MoQ would be around 1000 pcs. Contact @henri if you’re interested ordering in bulk.