Charts in iOS 0.4 app

I downloaded the new iOS app and updated the firmware on the first of my three RuuviTags. I was pleased to see that the new charts feature works as I expected.
I then updated the firmware on a second tag and in the app there’s a choice to show chart or data on two of the three tags, but when I tap to switch to chart view only the first tag shows up. I’ve checked the setting and the two I’ve updated have the same settings while the third one has different ones.
I’m sure I’m doing something wrong but I’m not sure what. Can the app show multiple charts from different sensors or is it tied to one at a time only?

Hi @GadgetGav!

The app can show charts for both of your tags with the latest firmware.

If I understood correctly, you are confused with the lack of possibility to swipe between tags on chart view. This was disabled intentionally to avoid scroll glitches. Please try to tap on Charts Button on Tag Views. Should work.

Hi Rinat,
My confusion is that if I’m in the old data view where I can swipe between tags, I see the chart icon for tags 1 & 3 (which is correct because tag 2 doesn’t yet have the latest firmware) but even if I’m on the data screen for tag 3, when I hit the chart icon I get the chart for tag 1. I know it’s tag 1 because I have different background pictures and tag 1 has longer chart history because I updated that first. I can’t get to the chart for tag 3.

Some more information: it seems that when I open the app now I get a pop up saying “Error: failed to find sensor” yet in the data view I still get live data. The update time stamp at the bottom of the screen is live and correct.
Should I delete the tag from the app and re-add it?

Now it’s working. I didn’t change anything. Maybe it was poor connectivity?

@GadgetGav I believe there was a problem with the iOS app and I’m trying to reproduce.

The first hint is: you’ve received unexpected error “Failed to find sensor”.

This could happen if you received heartbeat from the connected tag, but it was deleted.


Thanks Rinat. The pop up took several taps to dismiss so I think there were multiple stacked up.
If I can provide any helpful information just let me know.