Change the time of broadcast of Ruuvitag

Hello !

I’m a french student who uses your device for a school project (it’s great btw). I’m collecting the datas of a Ruuvitag with a Raspberry Pi Zero W with python.
For this project the Ruuvitag is placed in a closed case. This case is transported and does not move. But if there is an accident during the transport (accident or so), we need to sense the impact.
Or the time of an impact is very short. I wanted to use the acceleration data to sense the shock. By default the Ruuvitag broadcasts every 6s or so and I wanted to know how could I change that. I saw some documentation on this github : GitHub - ruuvi/ruuvitag_fw: RuuviTag firmware projects. But I don’t understand it haha. So if there’s some other way I would very much appreciate it.
Thank you !

Its only the beta firmware that have 6s broadcast, what FW do you use ?
You better check again.

Receiving any single BLE broadcast is very uncertain, you’d probably have to modify the data format to have a value of “highest impact observed since last reset” or something like that. Or you could go even further and log the impacts to RAM and push them out with GATT.

What frequency did you want?

Yes you’re right, I downloaded the beta version and I corrected it. So I now receive datas every second on my raspberry. But I still need to change the frequency to 1/10s

I would want to have 1/10s or 10Hz

Indeed it would be convenient to store the impact change in a buffer. But like I said I’m a novice I don’t know how to begin. Do you have any ideas ?

It might be easiest to start with Espruino. It’s been very popular among students to develop their school projects, as you can program RuuviTags on browser with Javascript.

Oh okay thank you I’ll check it out !