Change Ruuvitag advertising to much slower?

I need to get temperature readings much slower, like one measurement in 10 minutes, than default 1Hz. Main idea is to save battery even futher.

I thought this has been asked earlier and searched in forum, but could’t find any similar. So what parameters to change? I have understood that packet sending interval parameters are in here bluetooth_application_config.h and sensor reading interval parameters here main.c?

But what parameters exactly?


After taking one measurement per 10 seconds the standby current and self-discharge of battery begin to dominate the consumption. Because getting a single broadcast is not guaranteed it’s good to a faster interval than actually needed on receiving end, on poor conditions the packet loss might be 95 % so at 1 minute interval you’d end up getting update once per 20 minutes on average.

The best way to change the interval would be to override, in long-life mode defined at The long-life variant isn’t currently implemented, but a pull request would be welcome. shows an example on how to do the overrides.