Challenges taking on Ruuvi Gateway

I got my Gateway yesterday and started setting it up this eve. Have to say, there are too many issues which makes me too mad to describe them in discrete way so I’m just listing them.

  • Finding a WiFi or LAN MAC address is (quite) impossible prior to setting the gateway up (which may need some tuning of MAC authentication at routers). Actually WiFi MAC seems to be in QR code in the bottom of the gateway but MACs should be clear visible some where.
  • Won’t negotiate 1GB when wired. Multiple, working fine with other devices, wires tested.
  • With WiFi, reports a wrong DHCP server - gateway - instead of the real DHCP server
  • There’s no possibility to define a static network settings when using WiFi
  • Disconnects WiFi connection into RuuviGatewayXXXX AP every now and then
  • (where it asks if English or Finnish shall be used) is missing a button to enter you language selection and to go forward.

The product and packaging looks professional and finalized enough for me but the software inside is a bit dissappointment.


  • The WiFi DHCP address was supposingly a mistake, perhaps it really happend to be a duplicate to an already existing device or someting (issue removed by now)
  • There are several ruuvitags around visible for mobile app but MQTT reports repeatedly “status” “offline”, why?


I’m sorry about the issues and thank you for the feedback.

The MAC in QR code is Bluetooth MAC. All MAC addresses can be found in the gateway hotspot at, but the WiFi and Ethernet MAC are not currently on any sticker. I opened an issue about this at Ruuvi Gateway: Add WiFi/Ethernet MACs on sticker · Ruuvi, we consider the feedback from community when prioritizing new features

The Ethernet IC on Ruuvi Gateway supports only 100 MBit / s and 10 Mbit / s speeds, which is more than enough for JSON data being sent out.

Opened issue here: When using WiFi, reported DHCP server is the WiFi Gateway instead of DHCP server. · Issue #382 · ruuvi/ruuvi.gateway_esp.c · GitHub

This issue affects some users, we’re currently working on it: Connection to Gateway hotspot is lost while scanning Wi-Fi networks or trying to connect to one · Issue #304 · ruuvi/ruuvi.gateway_esp.c · GitHub

By default the Gateway is not accessible on LAN in the preorder version. The UI here is certainly unclear:

I opened an issue here: When LAN access is denied from everyone, UI is unclear · Issue #143 · ruuvi/ruuvi.gwui.html · GitHub

Thanks for these. Missing 1GB eth connection accepted :).

Hello @Fuuga , could you please clarify where do you see wrong DHCP server address?
Web Configuration Wizard? REST API?

Web configuration Wizard.
For me - for example - it reports DHCP server my LAN gw which is wrong because I have a separate server providing DHCP.