Cattle farm controls

Hey Guys, just got the email sent to share an idea using ruuvio.

My first idea was the basic, like create a weather station to get real weather information on the farm, usually, they look at web weather forecasting apps to know the weekly weather or daily to organize the job that has to be done on the farm.
In this case, they could have a real information about the farm and the micro region where the farm is located, creating the history and useful data.
And then after have this now super brilliant idea, I was thinking in my real case, my father-in-law is a Cattle farmer, and I’m trying to find a real usage for roovio in this scenario. I mean, to count, to get some information about each animal, also and app to storage the animal’s info, for each time the farms need to do some process with these animals and I think this process could be improved, even for the animal, talking about the animal wellness (that has a real impact on the meat quality) and also for the management of the animals.

I’m talking about Uruguay, a small country in the south of the South America, the population there is 3.5 million and the country has cattle herds totaling 15 million head, for each person around 5 animals.
It’s a huge number and a market that needs innovation and technology more and more, the farmer costs are being raised and the price of the product keeps stable, with a proper control, management, and administration they could improve the profit and also we could sell a solution for a huge population of animals.



Livestock tracking will be a huge industry in the future and actually, as we speak, we’re preparing a demo environment to follow and analyze movements and behavior of animals.

This particular demo will be built in cooperation with Wirepas using their mesh networking protocol.

More info to come! :wink:

Woww… Great, I would like to know more, and to keep updated with news about this project!

Hello, I’m knew to forums and such so please forgive me if I make any mistakes in my posting… Lauri, I am very interested in the cattle movement that you mentioned. I am trying to develop a wildlife tracker for use on animals in wilderness environments that could be applied by the average biologist. The ruuvi tags have the range and battery life that i’m looking for but I am wanting to condense the size significantly. down to .5"-.75" circular and about .5" in depth…A circular half dome shape. Are they planning on doing something similar with the cattle?

We don’t have plans to shrink the device for now. We also didn’t finish yet the demo I mentioned earlier. Will share some specs later on… :slight_smile:

I am new to the forum and just got a few Ruuvis.

Any news on the cattle project you mentioned earlier? What type of cattle was that and what features we farmers interested in?
I know several farmers that would be interested in cattle tracking.


Hi Sebastian.

I’m not too active in the forum… so that I was just an idea about a case of use.

I just think it could be an interesting subject to investigate I guess the cattle farms are poor related to technology and it could improve and give the farmers more information about the animals.

May we need to speak with a properly farmer more a vet and/or some people a related career.

I know few thing about the daily work in a cattle farm, like time to time, they have to check the weigh, count, give medicine…

What do you think?

This project is related (you can try to translate):