Can't switch to RAWv2-slow

Hello! I’ve just received my first 3 RuuviTags. I want to preserve battery because I don’t need derailed updates every second so I decided to switch to RAWv2-slow mode.

As per instructions I have to press the B button until I see the green led blinking every 5 seconds instead of every 1 second. What actually happens is for red led to start blinking. From my understanding this means that it switched to RAWv1 mode.

Clicking the B button again, does nothing. On the other hand, clicking the R button, reverts it back to green led every 1 second.

Also, reading it with NFC, seems to push it to red blinking led again.

What am I doing wrong?
How can I see from the Android app which mode is transmitted?


If you’re running 3.X firmware switching modes with “B” is no longer supported. This is because phones cannot connect to slow advertising tags to read logged history.

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R button is a hardware reset.
In recent versions reading NFC issues a system reset.
What is the version the NFC read displays ?

B button purges history then enters bootloader; or soft power_reset;

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It shows firmware version 3.30.2