Cannot configure Gateway

I’m not sure how anyone can configure the Gateway. The clever hijacking of the authentication screen only appears to be visible to me if I join the WiFi network, as the local IP address is not published to even though my sensor data is visible (because a DHCP server has generated an IP address).

When I try to join a local SSID (WPA2/3) the Gateway complains that my password is incorrect (triple checked).
If I try to officially join a DHCP/ethernet network, the Next button, once clicked, goes gray and no further interaction over WiFi is possible.

If I wanted to use the Ruuvi web portal, that would be fine, but we’d like to use MQTT and pickup the data inside our LAN instead. Configuring that is not currently possible at all for us.

I tried to ask via but was directed here.


It was suggested that I upgrade the gateway firmware, however, this is not possible unless the configuration process works first, I presume?


The Gateway will run automatic updates to the latest version, but the updates are currently waiting for the end of beta-testing period. If nothing critical comes up, all gateways will get update on Monday 31.1.

The Gateway should be configurable over Gateway hotspot in any case. You can press and hold the button under USB power supply with a toothpick for 10 seconds to run a factory reset. Gateway hotspot password is “12345678”. Please be sure to turn off any VPN in your computer/phone.

MQTT has had updates since v1.8.X which shipped initially, so it is a good idea to update to at least v1.9.2 (latest release) or to v1.10.0 (latest, beta).

Please let me know if you cannot configure the Gateway over Gateway hotspot after factory reset.