BT interference from RuuviTags to other BT devices

I am new to RuuviTags, but have already a dozen in my home. After having installed them, I have noticed that some of my other devices (e.g., activity tracker, headset) have trouble connecting to my phone. Sometimes I need to switch BT off and on to connect them again

Some details

  • iPhone 8 with the latest SW
  • All RuuviTags have been updated with the latest SW (3.28.13), allowing background scanning
  • I keep all RuuviTags connected to iPhone

Any suggestions if it could be the RuuviTags messing up with my other BT devices?

Hello @Mikko,

iPhone requires a constant connection for the alarms, and I think if you have a dozen it will take up all the BLE connections iOS has. @Rinat is it possible to configure some tags so that iOS app will not connect to them?

You’d need to have connection only for those tags for which you have configured alarms.

Hi @otso,

Thanks for your advice. This is sort of what I suspected but I was hoping for things to work with multiple devices connected at the same time. I already had about 20 BT devices but not all of them active all the time. This led me to think that 10 tags would work, too. I was just greedy.

I changed the connection status of my tags. So far I have not had any issues with my other BT devices.