Bluetooth to LTE Gateway, any tips?

Im about to test a Bluetooth 5 to 4G LTE Gateway, do any of you have any experance or know about other LTE gateways?
I got a quotation from
Its about 250USD so its not for everybody.

The setup i run today is a TP-Link M7350 Modem combined with a Ingics Wifi Gateway. for a total of 150USD
But with the extra hassle and security problem to have a local wifi.


Please let us know too if you find a Raspberry Pi -priced, CE/FCC and Bluetooth certified BLE gateway :slight_smile:

Hey Otso
Its still that been behaving best in my tests, and at a price of 42USD its hard to beat.

So now i hope to find a BLE to LTE gateway for around 100 to 150USD


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Hi All,

If you want a cheap WiFi to ble gateway a raspberry Pi Zero W can be used with ease and send the raw data packets via MQTT.

For a 4g gateway Gl.inet are about to release the x750 iot gateway, it is a 4G gateway with a BLE module. It’s should fit into your price requirements. The information can be found at:

The x750 sure does look interesting, please ping us either here in forums or directly at once the gateways are available for purchase or sampling.

The first x750 shipment will not have the BLE module installed, but I guess it can be updated later.
Have one preordered for delivery in December.

Got the router delivered yesterday, started some basic testing.

Hi Ptrapnes,

                 Just wondering how easy was it to setup the ignics ble to wifi router ?

I have some Ruuvi tags and would like to connect them to the internet.

Thanks, Sean.

The Ingics gateway I would say is easy to setup, I used the mqtt function of the gateway, but you could use i tcp of http also.
so its more or less plug and play.

I now have the x750 router at my desk, The Blutooth module is not activated, I will open it and have a look inside.

Inside the Gl iNet x750

BLE-module missing in the beta sample

Waiting for a test sample with the BLE module installed, agreed to be beta tester.

We are about to release our software solution for RuuviTag gateway. It will run on Raspberry Pi. Zero W is perfect model for this because of the price and integrated WiFi and BLE functionality.

Meazurem gateway uses lightweight MQTT protocol. So it’s viable to use it with mobile broadband.

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Keep me posted, i set aside a Zero W ready for testing.

Gl.inet have released a new IOT gateway/router GL-S1300 this one do not have 4G.

I have one on the way for testing.

They have also released a X300B model which has an external BLE antenna which is the downfall of the X750.

If wanting it to work use the BLETOOL app and pipe it into another language like LUA. This can help easily turn it into a BLE to MQTT gateway.

Then if you want a GUI can be created using LUA to configure the gateway options in LUCI.

For info:
Ingics have now a LTE (NBiot) gateway for BLE-beacon, it cost about 100USD

I have tested them, and can only say they work as expected.

Old message thread but it looks like it still has people wondering the same thing so I’ll throw this out there. Kaltiot IOT Gateway operates on 4G LTE (battery powered) & supports RuuviTag. For business users / larger setups. LTE Gateway RuuviTageille – Kaltiot IOT Gateway - Kaltiot