Bluetooth range to Rasp 4


FIrst time Pi user and totally green here :slight_smile: I finally managed to get Ruuvi readings to Grafana through Influxdb, Jeiii!

Now problem seems to be that if I move my Ruuvitag out of the room it drops off, like after 3 meters. Is there something I can do to make that better? It’s my first pi, and i have this case ( on it as it is now, can that affect bt range? Rrsi levels when Ruuvi next to the rasp is around 40 and then drop off really fast.

With my phone, I can read the tag from anywhere with in the house and little bit outside 2.

Any tips, much appreciated!


3 meters sounds really low for RPi. You can try different places and orientations for the Pi

My Pi 3 reliably receives signals from Ruuvitags buried deep under snow 20 meters away through house walls (wood), so there must be something wrong with your Pi I guess!

Which pi do you have?

Pi 4 as sais in the topic :wink: I ordered a cheap external dongle, lets see if that makea a difference.

@ [Kall0]
Your problem is the metal case. In this case is the receiving power not good. Pleas use a plastic case or make a break out in the case near by the antenna.


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Posting if someone else runs into the same problem.

There seems to be couple possible problems with my setup. First of all I didn’t mention i’m running pi from ssd. There seems to two problems with that. Some say that the ssd takes too much power and not enough is left for the bluetooth. And that the ssd interfere with the 2.4ghz frequency. And on top of that I have that metal case of faradays in there :smiley:

Ended up bying cheap usb ble dongle and put in a extension cord and now I got good readings from all over the house. Cheers!


Interesting that they sell metal cases for a device which, one of the main, feature is wireless connectivity. For other “rumours” what you mentioned, I haven’t found any proof for those, Anyway, good you found solution and shared it here too