Bluetooth range to Rasp 4


FIrst time Pi user and totally green here :slight_smile: I finally managed to get Ruuvi readings to Grafana through Influxdb, Jeiii!

Now problem seems to be that if I move my Ruuvitag out of the room it drops off, like after 3 meters. Is there something I can do to make that better? It’s my first pi, and i have this case ( on it as it is now, can that affect bt range? Rrsi levels when Ruuvi next to the rasp is around 40 and then drop off really fast.

With my phone, I can read the tag from anywhere with in the house and little bit outside 2.

Any tips, much appreciated!


3 meters sounds really low for RPi. You can try different places and orientations for the Pi

My Pi 3 reliably receives signals from Ruuvitags buried deep under snow 20 meters away through house walls (wood), so there must be something wrong with your Pi I guess!

Which pi do you have?

Pi 4 as sais in the topic :wink: I ordered a cheap external dongle, lets see if that makea a difference.