Bike battery health monitoring using RuuVi tag

Hello friends!
just receive mail to share idea using RuuVi tag, so recently i have to replace battery of my bike.
Cause of replacement is battery voltage gone below safe discharge level and cannot be charge again.
My idea is that to embed current , voltage and temperature sensor inside bike battery compartment. which will give frequent update to rider on his smartphone status of battery parameter.
Thus RuuVi tag uses BLE4.0 wireless communication, this idea can be easily integrated in any bike by enthusiast like me who don’t want to discharge (again) until it’s drop below safe level.

Good idea.

Actually, to follow the voltage you only need a simple voltage divider in order to lower the voltage level so that RuuviTag’s ADC can read it.

More info:

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Like this:

R1 + R2 should be around 100kohm - 1Mohm so that no heat will be generated and not too much power will be drained from the battery.

The capacitor is optional.

Double check that the output voltage is between safe levels!

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i planning to use i2c based INA219 for current and power measurements.

Ok, cool. I have used INA220 in some projects.

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I’ve recently work with few 18bit adc for weighing controller with cortex-M0 .
whats is internal ADC resolution of ruuvi tag.
it will reduce battery life by using internal ADC.

Why would it increase the power consumption? You probably don’t need to measure continuously…

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In my case, RuuVi tag is powered by external source for most of time.just in case of ignition is off, internal battery will source beacon to transmit critical parameter to client device.