Best Win10 software for doing firmware updates?

I only have a Windows 10 laptop with bluetooth 4; I found a Bluetooth beacon reader, but have not one for firmware updates. Can anyone recommend suitable software for Windows 10?

There are some web bluetooth -based DFU programs. I’ve not tried those, but might work for you.

I confirm thegecko’s dfu web example works like a charm. I’ve uploaded full package (from here) with this and upload completed without problem.


Would that page work with the regular RuuviTag firmware too?

Yes, DFU process is actually simpler for application only

I see in thegecko’s readme about the page that it supports buttonless DFU activation. Sounds like update without having to press the buttons? Could it be made to work on the RuuviTag? Would be so convenient to not have to pry open those enclosures :slight_smile:

Yes, buttonless DFU will be added to GATT profile we’re making