Best Platform for web development tool

What suggestions are there for a platform (cheap as I have no other use for it) for the web development tool as I have had no success with running it on iPad or chrome on a mac?

I’m not clear what type of tool you are looking for. Can you offer an example of what you might be developing? Does it involve beacons? If so, which firmware do you plan to use?



The application is apiary temperature and humidity monitoring.

My intention was three devices per hive remotely readable using the sensors built iinto the tags.

I had not envisaged any special firmware as the tag running the weather app already sends the temp data.

The issue is apparently no way if reading identity of the tag sending the data despite each tag having a unique UID with namespace and instance setable by the user.

I have ten hives and need thirty tags but I need to be able to identify which tag I am looking at any any one time.

All I am doing at the moment is trying to examine the beacon system to see if it will do what I need and at the moment I cant see how it can.

I would prefer an app running on IPad eventually but at the moment just getting a device to be able to configure an Eddystone tag has been an uphill battle.

I now have an old Huawei phone that will do it so the learning curve starts again.

I’m not of much help since I just received one tag a few days back and I’ve only just begun exploring software for it.

I also use an iPhone, so not much help there either.

The Google Eddystone Beacon platform might be worth your exploration:



Dont they want money?

I got a cheap Android tablet and have done it with NRF toolkit.

Got as far as setting the UID namespace and instance using the nRF toolkit create UID button and changing the instance to A1 and A2.

So I can have as many tags as I need.

All I got to do now is find create an app to display the instance at the same time as the temp sensor output.

I also dropped the power down to its minimum setting so as to not have too many tags displayed on scan at the same time.

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