Best environnement for project with use of I/O

I 'd like to developp a project on ruuvi to:
-measures two different voltages ( 2 batteries of 12 V)
-measures the level of a water tank via an anlogic sensor giving a voltage

The measures will be transmitted by blutooth on my android phone on a dedicated webpage

I have as idea to use three different GPIO port which have ADC capabilities with resistant bridge to lessen the voltage to 5 Volts.

What is the best ruuvi firmware to use for this project ? Espruino or native firmware ? The answer must include the facilities to develop and debug on the ruuvi with my PC on windows.

Thank for your help before I begin to developp this project.

Espruino is probably fastest one to get going. Please note that maximum voltage you can measure is 3.6 V, and you’re probably limited to the operating voltage of RuuviTag.