Battery % on ruuvi app

I wanted to ask if you can get the tag’s battery amperage from the app and then translate it into% of life remaining on the battery and then make an alarm when it drops below a certain% or send a replacement request notification.
I tried a bit in the app and I managed to find only the value of the voltage I wanted to know if there is any particular impediment for which you can not read the battery’s amperage or if it will be added later or if I simply failed to find it myself


Estimating remaining battery capacity or runtime is somewhat hard problem, as we can only measure battery voltage.

The voltage depends on previous usage, activity of the tag and temperature. We’re actively experimenting and researching ways to improve the estimates. In meanwhile it is possible to setup Grafana to track the rate of battery voltage drop and alarm when battery is low - currently I’d use a threshold of 2.5 V or so.

wow great information totally love it buddy.