Automatically sync sensor name and bg image modifications on sharees' sensors

Currently, when sharing a sensor, we tell user on Ruuvi Station:

“Note that the sensor’s custom name and background image will be shared. The name and image sync is one time only, and after this, they can be privately customised by the receiver. Offset values (if any) set by the owner, will be automatically synced, and the receiver will always see the final corrected values.”

We’ve received some but not many suggestions to simplify this so that modifications that owner makes on his/her sensors would be automatically synced on sharees’ sensors.

I personally think that syncing all the changes (also name and bg image, not just offsets) would make sense. As long as we clearly tell the users that this is going to happen.

If we would change the behaviour now, when several users already have shared their sensors and while several sharees have most probably modified names and bg images of the sensors that got shared with them, we’d need to be careful when making changes. We could, for example, send email notifications to everyone who have shared or received shared sensors, about an upcoming change.

What are your opinions on this? Simplify or don’t simplify?

I think having the sensor name and image stay in sync would benefit more users than the ability to customize it. For example when sharing tags at your home with your family it’s more convenient when moving tags around when only the “owner” needs to update the name, instead of every family member having to rename the tag individually after it has been moved to a new place

Having the ability to optionally “override” the name and image set by the “owner” could be a useful feature to have as well, as long as the default is to keep the name and image in sync. However with such feature, care should be taken how the feature is described, since some users could incorrectly think that they could change the “original name” of the tag, while in reality only the “owner” can do that


:+1: for Scrin’s suggestion of having default behavior of using owner profile with a possibility of personal override for e.g. alarms description etc.


Another +1 for Scrin’s suggestion.

Automatically update name & BG image from the main profile to everyone subscribed, but allow power users to override.

There’s always that one friend who has an “asthetic” for their Ruuvi setup and a random pic of a freezer messes with it :smiley: