As a locating beacon

Just as well known 'tile ’ and ‘trackr’ beacon is used to locate items !

I thought of a new idea where people could locate buses with ble sensors on buses and updating location data on mobiles ( app development to include the authentication mechanism ) so that location of buses are transmitted and tracked via crowd bluetooth gps


Good idea if there are no live tracking in buses. It however needs one beacon in each bus, so quite many :slight_smile:

That’s a good thing!

I wish to know if any hardware could be added to read and transmit data in ble tag as to when the bus crosses stops !
If not relying on user’s smartphone location !
so that the data of crossed bus stop syncs to smartphone and latter to the internet server from smartphone

any help regarding this would be highly apprecited as i don’t have any knowleging on coding or programming

I don’t think this would work because if a bus company would like to add (or use) some sort of electronics to track buses, they could either add a GPS tracker or make driver to install a mobile app which would do the trick.

could be used for example as a backend. They use RuuviTags btw: