Arduino MKR WIFI1010 as gateway?

Is it possible to use an Arduino MKR WIFI1010 as a BLE to WiFi gateway, for RuuviTags?

This post seems to indicate BLE is a fairly recent addition to the software:

any thoughts on this?
some minimal gateway that makes the data available on an IPv4 network would be what I’m looking for.
Storing and graphing etc. can then be done on whatever server or in the cloud etc.

This board is actually pretty interesting. We have talked about having an ESP32 as a gateway but the outcome was more or less that there are no ESP32 dongles available which are CE+FCC+Bluetooth certified.

Hmm. Actually, why I cannot find a single Arduino board from Bluetooth’s database (???) Are they not certified either? If so, according Bluetooth’s rules, if we would like to resell the board to be used as a gateway, Ruuvi, as a Bluetooth SIG member company, would need to qualify the product on behalf of Arduino.

"What happens if I don’t qualify my product?
If you do not qualify your product, you become subject to enforcement action. Read the updated policy here where we outline the escalation schedule. If no corrective actions are taken, your Bluetooth SIG membership could be suspended or revoked."

"Are there any situations where I do not need to qualify my product?
If you are a retailer or supplier who is simply selling or distributing another company’s Bluetooth product and you are not branding or representing the product as your own, you do not need to qualify the product."

Is this MKR WIFI1010 and other Arduino boards even CE/FCC tested and certified? :thinking:

All I can find about Arduino from the FCC database is this:

FCC ID should be printed to each product itself. All the Arduino boards seem to have only this FCC marking without ID number on their PCB silkscreen.

ok, that’s a shame if there’s “red tape” in the way…

can you shift the qualification burden onto uBlox - the maker of the RF module?

No. It’s Arduino’s product and if they use Bluetooth protocol on it, according rules written by the Bluetooth SIG, it should be qualified by them.