App ruuvi weather not working with the screen turned off

I realized modifying that the app does not work with the screen turned off from the android version 8.0 or higher someone more skilled than me with android studio can give me some solution?

Are you referring to Ruuvi Station? Ruuvi Station is in continuous development and 1.0 will be out soon. Check for more info

I talk about the ruuvi station and I have the most updated version anyway trying on various phones with Android 8 I noticed that only on some presents this problem, or even works in the background but only until the screen remains on I’m trying to figure out if it goes modified app side or mobile phone settings side

What is your version? The one on Google Play is not the latest one. Will be updated soon with many enhancements.

I downloaded the github version yesterday Tagging @io53 here.

Yes, that’s it, version

Have you enabled background scanning? (App settings -> Enable background scanning -> Check “Continuous background scanning” or “Lazy background scanning”)

Yes of course I checked the background scanning, however, I managed to solve the settings of the phone
Meanwhile, thank you very much