Anyone tried Zephyr on the Ruuvitag?

Has anyone tried to run Zephyr ( on the Ruuvitag?

It supports a few other devices based on the nRF52832 SoC and already has functionality like bluetooth mesh support as well as seemingly supporting the onboard sensors.

AFAIK, not yet. But would be a good idea to add a support ASAP. Seems also that nRF52832 has
a pretty good feature list:

@otso @Scrin @jari.isohanni They have also a JS IDE (video below). @nullr0ute would you be interested to help on this?

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Added a new tutorial:

I looked into Zephyr a while ago. If I recall correctly, dev board is required to flash the applications.
Additionally, FTDI-UART (or similar) would be a nice-to-have and connected to dev board.

They also have support for MicroPython, which I’m interested in, and JerryScript. There’s also the option to use mcuboot ( which after an initial flash might negate the need for devboard for future updates? (although I’m not sure about the details of mcuboot in that regard)

Looks really interesting, interested to try this out for sure :thinking:

This looks great. Has anyone found a way to use it on a Ruuvi Tag yet?

I did have an initial port locally, I need to rebase it onto upstream 1.12 and retest as there were a few issues. I hope to get time to do that before long, the support for the nrf52 series chips in Zephyr is fairly decent.

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