Android apps for using the RTC on nRF52832 (beginner)

Hello, this might be off topic as I am currently not using RuuviTag, but another nrf52832 based SoC called Thingy52, but Otso’s blog post on the RTC part of RuvviTag gave me some inspiration to ask here.

I am currently trying to find out how to control the RTC via Android apps, like nRF Connect.
I want to be able to send commands from the app to control the registers of the RTC in real time. This means starting the LFCLK and the RTC registers, starting/stopping/resetting the RTC counters and so on. This feature doesn’t seem to be available on nRF Connect, what others apps out there might be helpful?

Regards, Tobias Samuelsson

Hello Tobias and welcome to the forum!

You’ll need to implement the code to receive the commands and set the registers on nRF, there’s probably standard protocol for such detailed control of IC