Android 6.0 doesn't see Ruuvi Tag

I have a Ruuvi Tag which I can monitor using Ruuvi Station on my Nokia 9.
But at the same time my older Lenovo C2 with Android 6.0 can’t connect to the tag.
I can see the tag’s ID in the phone’s Bluetooth scan, but Ruuvi Station just says “No sensors found”.
I have enabled location services and “Nearby” from under Google.

Any ideas?

Ruuvi Station supports Android from version 5. I’d suggest to reinstall latest version and make sure you allowed access to device location. Lenovo might also have some specific settings.

Thanks for your reply. Ruuvi Station is the very latest available from Play Store, and it has the Location permission. I couldn’t find anything Lenovo specific, though.

We can try to find solution in application logs. We got special type of build that will write Ruuvi Station log to file. It will ask for additional permission since it need to write to storage and you’ll see log file in your Download folder (it will have name: {currentDate}.log)

You can get this build here: