All tags work, but only one is seen in Chrome > physical web

This might be an Android-issue.
I have three RuuviTags. Using Honor 8 w/ Android 7.0.
When I got the tags they all worked right out of the box (Chrome>Phys.Web). Some time ago two of them “disappeared” from the list of nearby devices, but could still be seen in nRF Connect and Tools.Only recently I had time to dig into the problem.
I updated all tags with WeatherStation 1.0.1 and that went ok, although the procedure on Honor8 (using nRF Connect) seem a little bit different than in the video.
The update didn’t change the behaviour, all still ok in nRF Connect, but only one in Chrome.
I installed an app called “Beacon Scanner” and in that I can actually see all three tags and they report correctly, but still only one in Chrome.
Bluetooth has been toggled off/on and the phone has been restarted.
The weird thing is, that after a restart the only one tag that is seen in Chrome is changed (!)
Therefore I think this might be a phone or Android issue. Any ideas?


I have seen similar behavior (but not with Physical Web) with my Huawei P9 so I guess it relates to Android. I have also noticed that if I remove weather station notifications it will take sometimes long time before it appears again.

Have you noticed that you could use also
which is beta version of our own applicaltion -> RuuvitagScanner.apk

This sounds like Chrome is assuming all three tags to refer to “the same thing” (no wonder, the base URL without the fragment identifier is identical, and thus the page content too before javascript executes). Thus it only displays which ever it happened to see first, I think

Scrin, I think you are absolutely right, because when I first tried to figure out which of the tags “worked” I switched them off (isolated the battery) one by one only to find out, that I could always read the data from one tag, but I couldn’t see which one.
Now I tried by putting them in different environments (cold, hot and room temperature), and now I can, from the result, distinguish which tag is talking.
The Beacon Scanner app shows the MAC, so actually I already know who is who, but I think the test proves your theory.
Henri: No, I haven’t tested the .apk. I don’t know how to install from github to the phone(?)

There is .APK file in GitHub repo. If you have Android phone just download .APK file and open it in your phone. Follow instructions on your phone. :slight_smile: