Advice: Alert for when to close or open windows in house

I would like to set up two Ruuvi (one inside, one outside) to alert me when the outdoor temperature has reached the same as the indoor temperature.

In the morning, my objective is to know when to shut the windows because keeping them open is no longer an effective cooling measure.

The same process should work in the evening when both thermometers reach the same temperature I will know to open the windows again as cooling will once again be effective.

Is there a way to do this in the app?

Hi Jacob, the alerts cannot be linked between different sensor cards in Ruuvi Station, so unfortunately this will not work at least in the way you are describing.

Not knowing reason why you want to follow temperature readings, Iā€™m assuming you want to achieve better comfort by ventilating (less humidity usually feels more comfortable) the house by opening windows and to let the outside air in. My gut feeling in this case would be to follow dew point.