Adding Manufacter Data or Changing local name

Hi there,

I’m working on an app in which in simply need to uniquely identify the beacons, my API does the rest.
I first used the Mac Address and it worked great on Android, but it is not displayed on iOS. I would have to go through iBeacon and I’d rather not to.

I didn’t find the way to edit the manufacturer data or the local name, so that I can use that to id my beacons.
Is that possible without working on the firmware ?

Other option : using Eddystone-cordova plugin. But will I be able to retreive the Namespace and Instance ID on iOS ?

Thanks !

Firmware versions 2.x use data format 5 for the raw mode, which includes the MAC address in the data payload as well (Firmware versions 1.x use data format 3 for raw mode which does not include any identifiers). Maybe that’s something to try? The MAC was actally added to data format 5 because iOS prevents seeing the MAC address by normal means :slight_smile:

Thanks @Scrin.
I updated two of my tags with both the 2.1.0 and 2.2.1 and the red led stayed on both times. The beacons seem to stay in boot mode. So I’m unable to properly read anything :tired_face:

Has anyone managed to update ?

That’s a known issue if other firmwares have been on the tag. There’s a fix for it in the 1.x versions but it’s not yet in 2.x unfortunately. If you want to fix it yourself, you can apply this fix yourself, or wait for the next 2.x release which hopefully has this fix included as well

Alright, thanks.
I’ll wait.

Any idea when the next firmware is due ?


Does your bug affect all of your tags, including ones which have not run Espruino or Eddystone? I’ll try to get this fixed next week, but if something urgent comes up the bug fix will be delayed

I don’t know. I have installed at least Eddystone on all of them. Thanks for your help !


could you try ?

Cheers !
I managed to do what I wanted, thanks to the Device Name not the mac address as I first wanted.

Thank you for the update !

Is there a way to change the settings (dBm and interval) with that firmware or can we expect these features in an Eddystone firmware soon ?

You can use “nRF Connect for Eddystone” smartphone app or Web Bluetooth Eddystone configurator to configure the transmissions. Remember to press “B” or scan the tag with NFC to enter configurable mode.

EDIT: Configuration is implemented in Eddystone FW. Configuring the RuuviFW currently requires recompiling the firmware with proper settings

Yeah, but no :grin: I can’t enter the boot mode with the beacons using 2.2.2. It’s working fine with the others.

On the 2.2.2 it’s the red Led that’s flashing and I tried several combinations of buttons and I only managed to enter the dfu mode and it’s not readable through nRF connect.

Could you please clarify? What you’re trying to do and how does it fail?

Ok, sorry. I didn’t see the EDIT part of your post.
So for now, there is no easy way to configure the settings with the FW 2.2.2 ?

Since I’m no developer I’m not willing to “recompile the firmware with proper settings” :slight_smile:

What I ultimately need is a public and unique Device Name readable on Android and iOS (the FW 2.2.2 does that), and the possibility to configure the interval and power of advertisement.

Right now there is no configuration interface to setup the interval on 2.2.2.

Why do you need to configure the interval and power? Is it case-by-case where every batch of tags needs to have unique configuration or would 1 or 2 other configurations fill your need?

I’m building a scavenger hunt app, so I need to configure the range to approximately 1 meter for all my beacons.
So one config would do. I usually use -40dBm and 500ms.

Is there a savior out there that could compile me the firmware ? :wink:
I would be most grateful !

For the scavenger hunt application Eddystone and Eddystone UID should do the trick. You can also configure the transmission interval and power in Eddystone firmware with the “nRF Beacon for Eddystone” app