Add weather forecasts to Ruuvi Station

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Pressure, humidity and temperature should tell about local weather, interpret them for user

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Otso Jousimaa


Dennis German
Weather forecasting is sooo much more complicated.
I think Ruuvi should stick to reporting current conditions.

Mark Elkins
Old fashioned “weather” stations (glorified thermometers) just used a change in pressure to predict rain - etc. Ruuvi could do something like that.

@Mark Elkins: exactly. My Bresser 5in1 weather station uses the air pressure fluctuation to predict the weather for the next 12 hours.

Dennis German
And then there’s:

“Analysing and forecasting the weather, using numerical models, requires an impressive amount of computing and data processing power. The process which leads to the production of a forecast can be seen as an endless cycle of data ingestion and analysis. Twice a day, the analysis serves as the starting point upon which atmospheric numerical models base their predictions.”

“Canadian Regional Deterministic Prediction System (RDPS), Global Deterministic Prediction System (GDPS), Global ensemble forecasts …The 20 models have different physics parametrizations, data assimilation cycles and sets of perturbed observations.”

'In the spaghetti plots one can see both the position of a contour line and its uncertainty. …"

Using “…the Ensemble Kalman Filter Technique. Starting in July 2007, four more members were added to produce a 20-member ensemble.”

Training on ensemble forecasting is available here.
This training covers the basics concepts in probability and statistics as well as in numerical modelling.

“ECMWF’s multi-petaflops supercomputer facility is designed for operational resiliency featuring two Cray XC40 systems …” “3,600 dual-socket compute nodes per system” … "Each has 20 cabinets of compute nodes and 13 of storage and weighs more than 50 metric tonnes. ’