Adapting Ruuvi Firmware - What do I need?


I would like to adapt the Ruuvi firmware in order to add further sensors, beeper, etc.

Unfortunately, I’m not completely sure what it takes to modify the firmware:

  • What IDE should I use?
  • Are there project files for any IDE (like Segger)?
  • Do I need to Dev-Tool board to upload/degub the firmware into the Ruuvi-tag?


Check Ruuvi blog for setting up the environment.

Some people prefer Segger IDE, personally I use Sublime Text and assorted command line tools.

Dev board will save you a lot of time and effort, but you can upload packages via DFU. If you’re going to do anything non-trivial, such as adding new sensors you should get a dev kit.

Hi otso,

Thanks a lot. I ordered a dev-kit in order to wire an further electronics easily to the ruuvi tag.

Do you mean this blog article?

Yes, that article. Those instructions work on Mac & Linux, I run a virtual machine on Windows for developing.