Acceleration broadcast max_value


Is it possible to modify the firmware so that it measures acceleration let’s say with 400Hz sampling rate and it broadcasts with an interval of 100ms the max value measured between two broadcast?

Does anyone have experience with something similar? Any help would be appreciated

Can you describe your use case which might suggest various approaches.

Is the requirement to provide continuous samples or for a certain interval?

What do you expect the receiver to be?

The use case is in a lab and it’s to monitor the alternating movements of different devices around an rpi, which would log the data. GATT is not an option as I want to catch the packets continuously from multiple devices and the battery life is also important. So BLE seems to be the way to go, but movements can be rapid and BLE’s 100ms might undersample them.

It would be possible, although battery life will be an issue. You should read LIS2DH12 data to FIFO, use FIFO full interrupt and personally I’d calculate min/max per FIFO of 32 samples.

Somewhat similar project is here:

thanks for the excellent link. Is there any option to use a larger battery on a ruuvitag?

You could try adding external battery with Ruuvi Connector to the board.

Email and note that you’ll be needing RuuviTag B8, connector breakout board and a cable and they’ll take it from there. The hardware isn’t 100% ready yet, it will be in the RuuviTag pro once we’re ready to mass produce them.

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