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First of all: I LOVE THE PRODUCT!!

I think this gateway can fill in many gaps, and it’s a tinkerers wet-dream :wink:

I have some suggestion for the (advanced) setup flow. Now you always have to go through all the steps even if you only want to edit say the MQTT topic. Would be just a small nuisance except that my gateway crashes after the “DHCP / Network” page. I have to power cycle it quickly and then it will continue to the next page. So it would be nice if you could directly jump to setup pages and skipping others.

I also noticed that the option “CLOUD” / local MQTT. Is a binary choice, but what if I’m non-binary and I would like best of both worlds? In my ideal world I would be sending data to the Ruuvi cloud (just for fun) and send it to my local MQTT server for digesting by Home Assistant. (I feel this is not a important feature, would just be nice).

Furthermore, if selecting (local) MQTT it would also be nice to be able to format the payload in some way (or maybe I just need to dive deeper in the current format on how to decode the payload).

More to follow… (just been using it for couple of hours now)… Anyway, thanks for this awesome product!

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Would be awesome if you could create an issue about this on our firmware repository and describe how to reproduce the crash. Here:

Actually we’re going to make this better and also allowing to select polling mode. I think the most optimal way would be to allow selecting one or many or all of these different targets. Let’s see how it’ll go. There are already some issues open related to this.

Keep these great comments coming, this is helpful for sure! :slight_smile: (but please let’s create new topics as this one is an about topic. I’ll create a feature request topic now and closing this one)

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