About ghost tags

Ruuvicollector collects data fine from my three tags, but now a few ghost tags has appeared. There are two new MACs in the list and the readings are usually insane: -10 G acceleration and 40 V battery voltage. I can get to rid of them by making the listing from my own MACs with OR -sentence, but I’m interested, where this information comes from. Readings are very rare, maybe one reading per hour.sieppaus

It sounds to me like there would be another device which has data which resembles RuuviData and it gets accidentally parsed. RuuviCollector has a blacklist for MAC addresses.

That’s one possible explanation, another possibility is that hcidump is outputting corrupt data, could be corrupt data from the bluetooth hardware or software for some reason, which occasionally appears as “valid looking ruuvitag data”.

The MAC address looks a bit suspicious, so my guess is that it’s just corrupt data in this case. RuuviCollector stores the detected and parsed data format in a InfluxDB tag “dataFormat” (similar to how the mac and optionally name are stored) which you can check if you’re curious. My guess is that they’re detected as either format 3 or 5 as formats 2 and 4 are more difficult to match by luck with random data.