A simple Bluetooth-WiFi Gateway (iGS01)

Hi @ptrapnes , any updates about using any Fanstel Gateways?

Hello Daniel, i have not had time to thinker much with the Fanstel gateway, It was just too much hassle compared with the Ingics.

What benefits does using the iGS01 provide, compared to just using a Raspberry Pi as gateway?

I guess the most important part is: “All inclusive” and easy setup,
This can be achieved in Pi also, but you wold need to make some programs.

The Ingics gateway can be used with mqtt, TCP-client or Http, it also support buffering, filtering
it have a graphical interface (web server) and have watchdog reset.

We have now installed more than 50 units (iGS02E) and been running them for almost 2 year.