21 Days elapsed

I’d hate to be a bother but I received Shipped Notificaion via email on Jan 26th and as of yesterday (Feb 16) the 21 days that was specified in the email has elapsed. I’m sure that Canada Customs may still have their hands on it but if you could look in to where it may be, that would be great.

Hi Martin, your tracking number is RR119547xxxTH and it’s has not arrived to Canada. Last update is outgoing mail at Bangkok airport. Lets’s wait for a while and if it’s still lost we will send new one.

Thank you for the patience.


I think it’s not very smart to show tracking numbers to everyone. At least here in Finland anyone can get the package using the tracking number, unless it is signed delivery and in that case ID (like driver’s license) is needed.

Good note. However it’s a registered/signed delivery and ID will be needed.
In Finland I have been checked every time for parcels even it’s not a signed delivery.

I think they just check the ID to write down name of the person that picked up the delivery. Only for registered (signed) deliveries they require the person to be the one that is written to the package. At least that’s how I’ve understood it.

Thanks for the update!

I saw the tracking code here and thought I’d ask too since ours have been in transit for a couple of weeks. Turns out the Finnish Post screwed up, I haven’t got any notice and the Ruuvis would’ve been sent back in a couple of days. In the past I’ve received printed notices the next day for some low value chinese stuff, but since this is a 200e package, I’m a bit pissed at Posti…

Luckily Henri sent me the code. Thanks!

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Hello, I have the same issue, I received the notification on February 10th and still have not received the item. I tried to reply to the “welcome” message (one week ago), and still did not receive any answer. It has been 39 days now, so I would like an update if possible. Thank you.


For some reason we haven’t received your email. What is your backer number?


Thank you very much for replying that fast. My backer number is 2,320.


There are now three shipments sent on same day to Canada which are all lost. New one will be sent to you.
Answered via email.

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