What would you like to see?

Let us know what kind example applications you would like to see.

Check Ruuvi’s Trello board, some of the upcoming new features are already there.

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• As Eddystone is compatible with Apple’s iBeacon format; could you please provide one use case for the same with ruuvitag?
• Is Ruuvitag compatible with Estimote interface?
• Could you please share the package code of “Spontaneous geocaching (Hide a treasure)”?

Could you please specify what you’re trying to do? You can change the “Weather Station” firmware to “Eddystone” firmware using package at https://ruu.vi/setup/ , and then you can configure UID broadcast power, frequency and ID.

I’m not familiar with the Estimote interface, if Estimote interface is compatible with any Eddystone Beacon the theoretically yes.

The example application was implemented by broadcasting an URL which pointed at the website. You can replicate the program by writing your website and configuring RuuviTag as Eddystone Beacon, and then setting the Eddystone URL to your website.

Please note that Eddystone package is still experimental, and expected battery life is approximately one month. We expect to finalize the application in January.

iPhone app “iBeacon Scanner” is not able to find ruuvitag.

  1. Kickstarter page was saying that battery life will be 10 years; now here you are saying only 1 month! Why so huge difference between expected & actual?
  2. Could you please share the code to calculate distance between ruuvitag & mobile using signal strength.

How to post these applications idea on Trello? It appears, I don’t have access to post there.

  1. Power Optimizing code takes some time and is not yet complete. Our Weather Station example has idle current draw of 3 µA, while Eddystone demo has idle current draw of 450 µA. Since idle current draw is 100x higher the maximum battery life is lower. We expect to have finished the power optimization in January, afterwards the battery life will be years.

  2. Using signal strength to calculate distance is not very accurate, but you can get started with this algorithm.

I like to see some NFC examples


I’d like to see some Web Bluetooth examples.

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I’d like to see the Ruvvi weather app showing when the data was received.

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We cannot add time data to weather station URL broadcast, because then the URL would change every second / minute and Android would show a new notification on every new URL which is incredibly spammy.

We’re working on web-bluetooth example where you get real-time data. The tradeoff is that web bluetooth requires connecting to beacon, so only one person can check the data at a time.

OK I understand that Otso.

Can you not see that with the browser displaying the last received data no matter how long ago it was received and even when refreshed, seriously affects the usefulness of the data?

There has been some confusion because the browser displays always the same data on same URL. Centria came up with a data reader application which shows the current sensor data on Android, would it fulfill your needs?

If not, what would you propose as a solution?

I’m using IPad so an Android app doesn’t do it for me.

I can work around the issue as I can walk up to my beacons and allow updating before opening the brower.

I was thinking more of the user who isn’t a beacon owner and who has opened the browser before but has no idea how old the data being displayed is.

Could an arbitrary timer not be set running at the server end when the data is received that returns an out of date symbol to the browser when it runs out?

At least then the user would know the beacon was out of range and consequently the data displayed was not current.

We could add a cookie to the website which would time stamp the data set and show something along the lines of “First seen at 2017-02-09 13:42”. The server itself will not see the data until the URL has been loaded.

I will also check if web bluetooth could be used to discover non-connectable advertising beacon, which we could then use to check if the beacon is in range. We’ll think about the options (@lauri any ideas?) and try to find a way to improve on this issue.

I’d like a module in HomeAssistant so that I can use the weather data from the ruuvi tag


My Ruuvi arrived today, cheers. It’s pretty cool, but I found the learning curve to be steep. I think simple “getting started” and “How too” articles would benefit the community and support for RuuviTag.


A simple way to change the Instance ID on a beacon running the weather station.

I like a Node-red node.

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Has the power optimization for the Eddystone f/w been completed? If not, what’s the current estimate?

Yes, the Eddystone firmware available at ruu.vi/setup is power optimized. The overall power consumption depends on configured transmission power and frequency, I think the default setup of +0dBm at 1 Hz was around 25 µA @ 3.3V (2+ years battery life on 600 mAh battery, 3+ years on 1000 mAh battery)