What to do?

I am trying to recompile the firmware of one of my ruuvitags doing the steps you have here: RuuviLab | Segger Embedded Studio
but I always have these 3 problems :

1)nrf_log_backend_rtt.c → Application-driver_configuration.h: No such file or directory.
2)nrf_log_backend_serial.c–> application_driver_configuration.h: No such file or directory
3)nrf_log_default_backends.c–>_driver_configuration.h: No such file or directory

I am a new programmer and I dont know what to do.

Thanks you in advance.

Hi I have the same issue, except I got 7 errors…
but they are all the same,
did you manage to solve it?


@pablo_escri Sorry for my delayed reply. Have you run
git submodule update --init --recursive ?

If yes, next thing to check is the dynamic folder options under ruuvi.drivers.c, ruuvi.endpoints.c, ruuvi.libraries.c. SES v4.14 used to accept *.c *.h as the search pattern definition, v4.16 requires *.c;*.h

Hello Cindy,

I replied to you on other thread, let’s continue there.