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Hello all
I have just configured my nexus tablet to reread the notifications sent by the weather station app (on the chrome browser with Physical Web activated). Everything works perfectly well. Congratulations to the designers.
I just put back the insulating tape to stop the operation of the tag.
When I ask for a refresh on my Nexus tablet there is no rupture of the url (
In this case how we test the tag on the distance (50,100,200,300 meters) if the site still works.
I discovered that the system continues to emit for more than a minute when power is off!!! or this is the bluetooth receiver on Nexus Tablet which continue to store the last message ?
After this time the physical web no longer detects any page, but the url remains active in the browser even when the system no longer emits and the information displayed does not reflect the reality.
Could you have any explications.
How this problem can be corrected.


I think your tablet caches the site for a while, and this is why the notification pops up even after the battery has been disconnected. The URL itself remains valid, as the sensor data is contained after the hashtag and all the interpretation of data is done on your tablet by client-side javascript.

To test the range of battery, I recommend the nRF toolbox / nRF Connect apps, which can scan the signal strength of bluetooth devices in real time.

thank you for your reply.
For the managers of the forum, I did not receive the follow up on my email.
I went to see on the site if I had no answer.
On the other hand your demo works with the flashing red lamp, and the current firmware manages it with the green LED with a very low brightness (it is better for the lifetime of the battery)

Hi. What email are you talking about? We didn’t receive any.

Yes, the green LED is really dim so that it wouldn’t affect the battery life.

If you’re having more problems or questions, always feel free to ask and we’ll try our best to assist.

I only said that the tracking had not worked, and therefore that I did not receive on my email address the follow-up of my question and therefore the answer of your collaborator.
I do not understand your message:
_"This is an automated message from Ruuvi to let you know that your account has been _
temporarily placed on hold as a precautionary measure."
How to make your weather application refresh automatically in the chrome browser.
I have a nexus tablet and the browser always gives me the same value when I request a refresh.
I noticed that your application provides each x seconds a new url, but to take it into account I have to make an access to the parameters of confidentiality, then the detection of the physical Web, etc …
How to run the application correctly
the pressure does not seem to correspond to the values indicated by my internet weather station (france Meteo)
Best regards

Sorry for the late reply.

  1. The weather station is just a simple demo application that shows what RuuviTag is capable. It uses Eddystone-URL protocol and the Physical Web (and/or Android Nearby notifications) developed by Google.

To see more frequent changes on the weather data, you can look for nearby beacons using beacon scanners like this.

  1. So far we have not seen errors on pressure readings. Soon we’re starting to test in a professional climate chamber to make sure all the sensors perform correctly. If some fine tuning is required, we will update the firmware so that you can have better results.

I raised the same issue.
Using Safari the website displays the last data received from the beacon even if the browser is refreshed and the beacon is out of range.
This means the user has to ensure he checks the beacon is being received before he can trust the data.