Weather Station power

Can you make some packages with different power settings? I mean send power. I have a sensor that works with eddystone setup to higher power but not with the weather station FW. But i like to have humidity and air pressure and eddystone dont give me that.

We’re working on building Web Bluetooth -based configuration service, however I cannot promise exact schedule on when it will be available. At this time I’d expect first versions to be at experimental stage in May.

Thanks for the fast reply! In order to this i have to ask if you plan to implement a function to change the name and maybe ad abillity to use the acceleration sensor? In meanwhile i try to install gcc and all the stuff to play myself with.

The “Sensortag” mode on weather station already sends out the accelerometer data, download latest version from and update the firmware. After the firmware has been updated, press “B” to enter sensortag mode. Red led blinks once per second in sensortag mode.

The accelerometer data does not fit in URL, so the data is sent in binary. You can use one of the data collector libraries presented in forum to read the data.

You can modify the configuration to change the transmission power in weather station and the base URL main. Please note that the base URL cannot be any longer to still fit the sensor data.

I have the newest weather station fw and if im entering sensortag mode (red led blink) i dont see the ruuvi.

Do you mean that you do not Dee URL or that you do not see binary data in a beacon scanner application?

Any news on the possibility to adjust power on the weather station, configuration service?

Adjusting power will be part of GATT profile we’re building, ongoing work is here: .

Original estimate of late spring / early summer turned out to be optimistic, but work is in progress :slight_smile:

Thanks for the swift reply. In the meantime I will try to build my own weather station firmware with custom settings. :slight_smile:

When you are ready maybe you can share it with the others :slight_smile:

I was looking for a possibility to boost the transmission power, but it turned out that the transmission power was already at maximum (+4 dBm) in the stock firmware. I had to settle for modifying the transmission interval to 5 sec to save battery.