WANTED: Implementing a Hall sensor into Ruuvi FW

https://www.espruino.com/Button should be ok for getting started, on open drain hall sensors it’s equivalent to 0 V connection.

We’re also aiming to add a Hall sensor to RuuviTag at the same time with the Ruuvi Connector, but this isn’t 100 % certain before the PCB is tested and schedule of new revision is open.

@otso keeping inside the existing enclosure is important ( we need the one tag be mulifunction) just add magnet for door/window application. - happy to try options but sooner than later!!

Could you explain please how do you plan to integrate the Hall sensor? Would it be on board the Tag, or it require the Connector board with external power supply? Should this be working “out of box” or some DIY is needed?

If the Hall sensors fits in board, it will be out of box. In meanwhile, some DIYing is needed, on current tags the Hall needs to be soldered on the pins on the bottom of board and firmware needs to be adjusted for Hall.

@otso Im considering to make a small flex pcb to carry the hall sensor, cap, pull resistor, with larger pads for easier soldering, a ribbon type flex could bend 90 degree inside stock enclosure making ideal positioning with magnets. However im no engineer / designer, appreciate layout suggestions !!

@lauri ^
Lauri is the HW guru :slight_smile:

You could make a simple flex cable that could be soldered on bottom of the RuuviTag PCB. If, let’s say, you would need connections to the pins 15, 16 and 22:

Note: Check the latest RuuviTag KiCad project files to properly match your design on the desired design.

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