Unwanted ruuvi notifications

I have a google pixel phone and I recently started receiving ruuvi weather station notifications on it while at my office. I don’t want these notifications. I have looked all through the phone and don’t see any ruuvi app installed or any way to make these notifications stop.

Why would my phone suddenly start receiving anything ruuvi when I don’t have anything installed and have not given any permission? Is this some default aspect of the google pixel phone or android software in general?


Probably someone at your office has a RuuviTag running its default demo firmware in URL mode:

Nearby Android phones can genereate silent Nearby notifications. Don’t worry, they are harmless and you should be able to choose if you want to see those again or not.

You can also change Chrome settings, Privacy settings - > Disable Physical Web.
Then you should not get anymore any notifications.

Solved it with your help, thanks!

Disabling physical web worked, none of the other settings had an effect.

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