Unable to update firmware (2)

The ruuvitag works fine and I can see the Weather Station.
Used Android Nearby for this.
I notice I can’t use Nearby for configuration.
So I installed nRF Beacon for Eddystone.
But I don’t see the ruuvitag (using SCAN).

So following the setup I tried to update the firmware.
But I’m not able to.
I did press B+R and the red led is on.
I don’t see ruuvitag in nrF Beacon for Eddystone after SCAN.
Tried several times.

I use Android 7.1.1.

The firmware is updated with nRF ToolBox DFU or nRF connect. Details can be found at https://ruu.vi/setup.

You can enter configuration mode in nRF Beacon for Eddystone after the firmware is updated to Eddystone

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My Ruuvi also appears to work and I can see the Weather Station.
I pressed B+R and the red led is on.
Ruuvi shows in nrF Beacon A “Misc” or “RuuviBoot” or “BLEsmart_000001100F07…” after SCAN.

None will BOND

In settings bluetooth they will show up as “RuuviBoot” or “Misc” or "BLEsmart_000001100F07…"
but pairings are “Rejected” then “Try again, Yes?No”

I have checked the instructions here:

EDDYSTONE™RuuviTag has sensors, yes, but it’s…
There are several ways to configure the beacon. For example:Web Bluetooth Configuration Tool…(doesn’t show up during SCAN)
To enter configuration mode…The default unlock code is: 0x00112233445566778899aabbccddeeff…(Video DOES NOT HAVE CLOSED CAPTIONS AND I AM DEAF)


Never the less, I downloaded, 20170118-eddystone.zip

Question 1) What operating system does this run on?
Question 2) If I have the appropriate OS, does it need to be compiled or something?
Question 3) Only my Phone has bluetooth. Is there anyway to run this on Android?

Thank you.

That did the tric, thnx

@benwade Maybe this helps: How to receive notifications? How to configure Eddystone?

We will update the videos soon. Now they are not informative enough…

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